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Anonymous asked: Israel told UNRWA and red cross to evacuate Hamas wasn't letting them.


"According to eyewitness accounts, the "Kaa-Albir” school was hit by four shells fired by IDF forces. According to one testimony, one of the shells struck the school’s court, which at the time was crowded with refugee families, who relocated there after fleeing their homes in the northern Gaza Strip. Reports say the majority of the dead are women and children. Survivors say no early warning was given." - Haaretz. (emphasis my own)

Even your own newspapers tell a different story.

Don’t make crap up. Have a shred of respect for the loss of innocent life.

You think by doing this you’re helping your cause? You’re doing the opposite. You can’t hide things in this day and age, not like you’ve been used to for the last 6 decades. Free information transfer means Israel gets exposed.

By making stuff up on the spot, not only do you show your cause to be weak and in need of fantasy to survive, but you also show that you are a liar, and nobody should ever take your word on anything.






love this so much

"يا أولاد غزة الأشقياء، الذين طالما أزعجوني بصراخهم تحت نافذتي، الذين عبأوا الصباحات بالصخب، أيها الأولاد، يا من كسرتم المزهرية، وسرقتم الوردة الوحيدة في القوارة على بلكونتي، إرجعوا، واصرخوا كما شئتم، وكسروا كل المزهريات، واسرقوا كل الوردات، عودوا… فقط عودوا"

- خالد جمعة - شاعر من غزة  (via nowinexile)

(via mydeadlyrose)











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